31 Signa Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone


WeMove Transport Service is a one stop smart transportation service network that provides access to an array of transportation service to it users and customers in Sierra Leone.

Our web based mobile app offers GPS services, enabling drivers and passengers to connect, explore routes and traffic navigation. Through our booking platform, passengers and customers can book or hire transportation vehicles to provide transport services with ease. Our network of drivers and passengers also provides an opportunity for the recruitment of skilled and experience drivers, increasing jobs creation for skill unemployed workers.

WEMove is structured to be a home-made brand, with the goal of becoming the number 1 transport service hub in SL. Our strategy is anchored on a value chain of transportation ecosystem services such as transport routing, booking and hiring, car parking, recruitment of drivers and payment wallet.

We believe in people, profit and planet; our tracking system has been designed to track fuel consumption per vehicle which enables us to model our carbon foot print. Therefore, as part of our CSR, 5% of our monthly savings will be invested to promote green infrastructural projects in vulnerable communities.


We provide access to parking spaces for both commercial and private vehicles. Customers can book online available packing space within our various parking locations


WEMove users can locate and hire professional driver with experience and good driving skills. Our office also provide direct recruitment and offers training and coaching services for drivers


Through the use of WEMove Metro Cards, customers and transport operators can pay and receive payment for services through Orange Money or bank transfer


WeMove serves as a gateway between transportation service providers and customers. Passengers across Freetown can request for transportation and drivers can easily locate customers through the mobile app.


Customers can book and access delivery services and car rental services via WEMove app and payments will be made and received using Metro-cards or online


WeMove “Adverts and branding” creates an enabling space for Businesses and private individuals to leverage on our nation–wide network & coverage for digital marketing / popularization of audiovisual contents via our web / mobile application.

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Address: 31 Signa Hill,
Freetown, Sierra Leone